Hilary Hammell, UW Law RJ activist discusses abortion with a pro-life professor

17 Oct

Hilary Hammell, UW Law student and 2010-11 Co-President of LSRJ’s UW chapter, engages in a meaningful conversation about abortion with a pro-life Catholic professor one year after the Princeton Abortion Conference. ¬†Each post corresponds with each day of last week, so scroll to the bottom and work your way up to get the full conversation.



Calling for Reproductive Justice

16 Oct

This is a blog for a community of people who believe in Reproductive Justice, who want to discuss issues related to RJ, and who believe that with a strong collective voice and a powerful movement, we can reclaim power over our own bodies.

callingforrj will provide a forum for a community of people to post about how about economic status, race, religion, immigration, legislation, power, and other factors effect the way we approach and think about RJ in the United States and around the world.