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Mississippi “personhood” ballot measure defeated

9 Nov

On November 8th, Mississippi voters cast their ballots, and defeated the ballot measure that would have considered a fertilized embryo a “person,” threatening Roe v. Wade, birth control, and undermining a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body. Let’s be thankful the pill, the ring, and IUDs live to see another day.
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“Personhood” in Mississippi

31 Oct

Proposition 26, a ballot initiative in Mississippi, defines a fertilized egg as a person. This would effectively ban abortion and put restrictions on contraception including birth control. Many predict that Proposition 26 will pass on November 8. This is extreme, and it is real.

Read about it here:

These bills are popping up around the country in a handful of states, and there will be more. The New York Times covers it here:

Abortion Search on Feministing

24 Oct

Feministing is a great place to go for up to date feminist issues.  Jos Truitt, one of the editors, was at this summer’s National LSRJ Leadership Institute and inspired this blog.

A quick search on “abortion” (below) will bring up some interesting results. Read about crisis pregnancy centers in North Carolina and Romney chastising a woman for getting a life-saving abortion. And that was just today’s news.

NYTimes- Where Abortion Rights are Disappearing

23 Oct

I didn’t see this op-ed in the New York Times last month, but one month later it is worth a read.

Be sure to check out the map, which illustrates which states have imposed the greatest restrictions to accessing an abortion.  As the author points out, “One clear lesson of this year’s skyrocketing number of new state laws is that those who care about keeping the procedure safe, legal and accessible need to raise their voices as loudly and effectively as those on the other side. If they don’t do so, and quickly, the number of harmful restrictions will continue to balloon, at a rising cost to women’s lives, health and equality.”

Hilary Hammell, UW Law RJ activist discusses abortion with a pro-life professor

17 Oct

Hilary Hammell, UW Law student and 2010-11 Co-President of LSRJ’s UW chapter, engages in a meaningful conversation about abortion with a pro-life Catholic professor one year after the Princeton Abortion Conference.  Each post corresponds with each day of last week, so scroll to the bottom and work your way up to get the full conversation.